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Rhetoric and representations of security

James Pierce, Sarah Fox, Nick Merrill, Richmond Wong. Differential Vulnerabilities and a Diversity of Tactics: What toolkits teach us about cybersecurity. CSCW '18.

James Pierce, Sarah Fox, Nick Merrill, Richmond Wong, Carl DiSalvo. An Interface Without a User: An exploratory design study of online privacy policies and digital legalese. DIS '18.

Nick Merrill. Better Not to Know?: The SHA1 collision & the limits of polemic computation. LIMITS '17.

Biosensors and wearable computers

Nick Merrill, John Chuang, Coye Cheshire. Sensing is Believing: What People Think Biosensors Can Reveal About Thoughts and Feelings. DIS '19.

Nick Merrill, John Chuang. Models of Minds: Reading the mind beyond the brain. alt.chi '19.

Richmond Y Wong, Nick Merrill, John Chuang. When BCIs have APIs: Design fictions of everyday brain-computer interface adoption. DIS '18. Honorable mention

Nick Merrill, John Chuang. From Scanning Brains to Reading Minds: Talking to engineers about brain-computer interface. CHI '18.

Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Trust Your Heart: Assessing cooperation and trust with biosignals in computer-mediated interactions. CSCW '17. Honorable mention

Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Habits of the Heart (rate): Social interpretation of biosignals in two interaction contexts. ACM GROUP '16.