Our Mission

The Daylight Security Research Lab shifts the way people understand and identify the harms of technology—and expands the populations able to do so.

By generating novel tools, practices, and representations, we make “security” specific and actionable to those who need it.

Project Domains

We start from a rich, social vision of security, beyond formalized models or rigid technical requirements. We build better tools and processes for uncovering security threats, and broaden participation in the practice—to get "more hands on deck," integrating more diverse perspectives on what counts as a threat.

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Team Members

Daylight Security Research Lab hosts both graduate and undergraduate researchers, including collaborations with the Data Discoveries program.

Meet the 2020 Daylight team.

Nick Merrill


Narmin Mammadsoy

Research Assistant

Cristian Alamos

Research Assistant

Inderpal Kaur

Research Assistant

Akhilesh Pandita

Graduate Student Researcher

Lily Bhattacharjee

Research Assistant

Jasmine Zhang

Research Assistant

Janani Sridhar

Research Assistant

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Latest News

April '21 - We've did a Fairness Mini-Bootcamp in Josh Blumenstock's Applied Machine Learning Class! Materials coming soon.

February '21 - We launched solicitations for the second year of our Cybersecurity Arts Contest!

January '21 - Our work on Internet Fragmentation was published in First Monday!

August '20 - We've launched the first of our @mlfailures technical labs! Check them out!

July '20 - We held a our second Arts Event with Lauren McCarthy and Salome Asega. Watch a video of the event here.

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