Remember when Senator Ted Stevens said the Internet was a “series of tubes?” Well, back in the 90s, people talked a lot about the “information superhighway.” Do a Google image search for that phrase. You’ll see a lot of tubes.

The way we represent technical concepts visually shapes how people understand them, which in turn affects how and why decisions are made. This initiative both critically analyzes representations of security, and shifts them through interventions and provocations.

Cybersecurity Imagery

How is “cybersecurity” represented visually? Working with a set of images collected from two years of Google Image Search queries, this project seeks to better understand our representations of cybersecurity and how they affect the ways we think and act. Using machine learning and other big-data techniques together with qualitative methods, we're building a nuanced understanding of where security's representations are today—and how to push them forward for tomorrow.

Past Team Members

Anna Shang

Research Assistant

Contact information
Nick Merrill - ffff at berkeley dot edu