Governments, firms, and citizens are again debating to what extent the Internet is, or should be, a “global” infrastructure for communication and commerce—the “end of geography and death of distance” on one hand, and on the other, phrases like the “splinternet.” Our work brings measurement to this debate.

Measuring Internet Fragmentation
The Internet Interoperability Index a set of proxy measures which, in aggregate, allow us and others to measure whether and to what extent the internet is becoming more global and uniformly-accessible, or more nationalized and siloed. Is the Internet at present becoming more or less interoperable? If so, how quickly? How decisively? The index will both discipline public debate and provide a platform for policy experimentation. For example, if one wants to slow down or reverse internet nationalization in certain parts of the world, one first needs to know what changes are taking place and, later, if policy interventions have moved the needle in the desired direction. Measurement is a key policy tool.

Current Project Team

Nick Merrill


Akhilesh Pandita

Graduate Student Researcher

Lily Bhattacharjee

Research Assistant

Past Team Members

Renata Berrato

Graduate Researcher

Neha Mittal

Graduate Researcher

Mahmoud Hamsho

Graduate Researcher

Contact information
Nick Merrill - ffff at berkeley dot edu